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T2500 Tourmaline Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions Heating Mattress

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More comfortable, more relaxing T2500 Tourmaline Heating Mattress gives you a full body treatment. According to the research, tourmaline can release negative ions and refract far infrared rays that body needs when heated. It can activate cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and improve the body's own immunity.The mattress takes use of far infrared rays, helps in fat loss, chronic fatigue, water retention, skin disorders, as well as in the elimination heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material from our bodies. the negative ions emitted byT2500 Tourmaline Heating Mattress will elevate mood and alleviate stress, improving sleep quality. People can lie on the mat for the whole night, it will heal your body in sleep. If you keep using it for several weeks, your stress and anxiety will relief.

Model CeraMax T2500
Size 80*190cm (32"*75")
Thickness 3.5cm (1.5")
Heating Area 153*59cm (60"*23")
Power 23.1m 350W
Mattress Weight 13.5kg
Total Weight 16.15kg
Packing Size 81*13*65cm (32"*5"*26")

What is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is considered a valued gem. This gem produced an electric charge when heated, so it was called Tourmaline.

Benefits of Tourmaline

As the research found, tourmaline can release negative ions and refract far-infrared when heated.

Negative ions can antiphlogistic sterilization, improve human immunity. Block the harm of electromagnetic wave and water pulse wave to human body.

Far-infrared rays can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, eliminate fatigue, relieve body pain, improve sleep quality.

Our Tourmaline Healing Mattress will provide the negative ions and far-infrared rays that body needs. Through heating, you can get the negative ions you need and other trace elements and minerals you need in Tourmaline.

Advantages of Our Tourmaline Mattress

In modern society, people are busy with their work and have no time to contact with nature, so their bodies have less opportunities to obtain negative ions, other trace elements and minerals you need. Our Tourmaline Mattress use high-quality tourmaline to bring benefits to your body.